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 Architecture Electrical and Intelligence is a new Interdisciplinary of civil engineering, electrical engineering and automation. By means of electrical technology, automatic control technology, network communication technology and building technology, the department aims to create a comfortable, safe, economic, efficient, convenient and sustainable development of work and living environment for human being, and to provides intelligent and interactive electricity services, a convenient management means for managers, at the same time to reduce the energy consumption and the cost of management for the operators, so as to provide the material basis for the modern property management.

The department aims at cultivating the students solid academic foundation, wide knowledge, high qualifications, practical abilities, and excellent sense of innovation. The education provided enables the students to possess basic knowledge and capacity of a professional registered engineer in building electrical and automation technology field.

Our graduates are capable of working in designing institute, research institution, professional Engineering Corporation, and Engineering Management corporations, and engaging in mechanical design, engineering construction and management, system integration, information processing and equipment research and development.

Main courses under this major include: Circuit Theory, Analog Electronic Technique, Digital Electronic Technology, Automatic Control, Foundation of Electric Machinery and motor Drives, Architecture Intelligent Environment, Power Electronic Technology, Building Power supply System, Technology of Electrical Lighting, Principle and application of Microcontroller, System Model and Simulation Technology, Building Automation System, Public Security system, Building Information System.