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The Department of Applied Electronics is mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research in Power Electronics and Electric Drives field of Electrical Engineering, and also in cultivating outstanding expertise at all levels including postdoctoral, doctoral students, graduate and undergraduate students. The Department was established in 2006, and Prof. Daolian Chen, awardee of the National Project of “Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand” Professionals and National Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel, is designated as the Director of the Department.

The Department has a rich pedagogical resource, which includes 4 professors, 3 associate professors and 1 lecturer, and also has gained many achievements in teaching and scientific research. It has undertaken 6 National Natural Science Foundation Programs (1 State Key Program), 2 National PhD Foundation Programs for Universities, 1 Fujian Natural Science Foundation Key Program, 4 Fujian Key Technology Programs, more than 50 of other programs, and 5 Education Reform Projects. One second prize for State Technological Innovation Award, one first prize for Fujian Technological Innovation Award and about 10 other provincial/ministerial level prizes have been rewarded. About 80 invention patents have been granted, together with over 200 journal papers published, and 10 authored and/or co-authored professional books. Besides, students from the Department have a bright career prospect in the fields of teaching, R&D, or operation management in Power Electronics and Electric Drives field in companies/institutions.

Power Electronics is a new interdisciplinary combination of power technology, electronics technology and control technology. Its development is not only related to high efficiency of energy saving, new energy power generation, generator control, power grid harmonic control, and power system automation, it is also very important for the development of civil industry and national defense industry. Furthermore, it pushes forward other disciplines including Electrical Machines and Apparatus, Power System Automation, Electrical Theory and New Technology.