Institute of Precision Instruments of Fuzhou University
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Institute of Precision Instruments of Fuzhou University has 24 research members with 8 senior staff who are engaged in biomedical information processing and intelligent medical device control technology and other basic theoretical research work. Based on the research, we develop the relevant medical equipment. We have completed the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Science and Technology International Science and Technology Cooperation, Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation, Science and Technology Program of Fujian Province and other projects. We won one first prize and second prize of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award respectively, five national invention patent authorization, and five certificates of medical equipment registration.

The main research directions of the institute include:

 (1) Immunochromatographic assay equipment. Immunochromatography is an important method of bedside detection technology. From the design of special photoelectric detection device, the influence and compensation of various interference factors, the establishment of dynamic mathematical model of quantitative detection, and the design of detector, the pioneering research work has been carried out to establish the comprehensive gold immunochromatographic assay and fluorescence immunochromatographic assay.

(2) Research of Functional electrical stimulation rehabilitation therapy instrument. Functional electrical stimulation therapy is one of the important rehabilitation techniques in stroke patients. Based on the theory of central nervous system plasticity, if the patient's voluntary will is incorporated into the functional electrical stimulation therapy, the recovery of motor function will be stimulated and strengthened. Inspired by the theory of rehabilitation medicine, we study the key technology of intelligent functional electrical stimulation therapy, and develop the corresponding rehabilitation equipment.

(3) Gene chip scanning instrument. Based on the dynamics of hybridization of DNA microarray, the mathematical model was established to solve the difficulty appeared from fluorescence generation to the fluorescence intensity detection of CCD. It is expected to guide the design of DNA chip, CCD fluorescence intensity detection instrument, and the clinical applications of prenatal screening.