Electric Power System and Equipment Industrial Research Institute, Fuzhou University
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Electric Power System and Equipment Industrial Research Institute was established in February 2016. The Institute is committed to the development of new technology and industry in electric power system and key power equipment. Relying on the advantages of electric engineering disciplines in Fuzhou University, the Institute has built a strong team of interdisciplinary collaboration. There are 16 teachers, including 4 professors and 12 associate professors. The main research directions of the institute include electric power security technique, AC/DC power transmission and distribution, smart grids, electronic equipment, high voltage and insulation, power market, etc. It has undertaken a number of national and provincial research projects and horizontal projects for grid companies. The Institute distinguishes itself through excellence in safeguard technology for power system operation and the development of next generation advanced power equipment. The annual “Qishan” Power Forum hosted by the Institute provides a platform of academic exchanges for various professional societies. The Institute dedicates

to establishing extensive cooperation among universities and offering services for the comprehensive technology innovative platforms in power industries and enterprises of Fujian Province.


ŸElectric Power Safety and Quality Guarantee Research Center

ŸDC Power Transmission and Distribution Research Center

Power Equipment Research Center

ŸIntelligent Operation-Maintenance Research Center

ŸNew Generation Power Equipment Research Center

ŸPower Market and New Energy Research Center

ŸEnergy Saving and Emission Reduction Research Center

ŸJinjiang Electric Power Science and Technology Research Center