Intelligent Switchgear R & D Center
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The Center is jointly established by Fuzhou University and Xiamen Hongfa Co., Ltd.And it dedicates to the research and development of leading products of enterprises, such as Control Electrical Appliances, Distribution Electrical Appliances, Terminal Low-voltage Electrical Appliances and new intelligent controller components and other products (switching equipment for short). The Center is committed to research and development of the switch product suite and industrialization of end products, solving the difficult problems of the design and process technology of the switch products, and improving the performance, reliability, process quality consistency and stability of the products. At the same time, the Center actively tracks switching equipment at home and abroad and catches up the technology development trends of switch products. It provides technical information, cultivates technical talents for enterprises, and establishes the shared development simulation design optimization system (such as static, dynamic analysis and calculation, field analysis) and the research and analysis platform. The Center will become a leading international switch research base to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and develop into an intelligent switch research center with integration of industry-university-research.