Smart Grid Measurement and Control Research Center of Fuzhou University
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Smart Grid Measurement and Control Research Center is a school-level research platform established in 2011. Financed by National Natural Science Foundation and major projects of State Grid, the Center developed the radial analyser optical current transformer which was tested and inspected by the Department of Science and Technology of State Grid Corporation with the technology at the advanced level in the country. Meanwhile, the Center dedicates to the research on the new type of optical current/voltage transducers, the new type of electronic current/voltage transformers, and innovative measurement and control apparatus for distribution networks. The research team includes 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 2 doctoral students and 6 graduate students. The center has a 110kV high voltage test system, a 3000A AC and DC current test system, an optical experimental platform and a high temperature cycle test system. In last 5 years, the team has published more than 50 periodicals listed by SCI and EI and has been authorized 9 national patents of invention.